Philanthropy &

Non-Profit Work

I commit time and money to give back a part of my success in support of social good. The causes dear to me are fighting climate change and inequalities.

Epic is a global foundation that exists to empower and protect children, youth and our planet. Bridging the gap between nonprofits forging solutions to today’s pressing challenges, and individuals and businesses who want to drive positive change.

The World Economic Forum's Global Shapers Community is a network of young people driving dialogue, action and change.

Sigma Squared Society is empowering the world's most ambitious founders Under 26.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

"I stand firmly with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, aspiring to make a meaningful difference in tackling global challenges. My commitment is rooted in the belief that collective efforts in areas like climate action, social justice, and economic equality are essential for a sustainable and prosperous future for all."


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